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Absolute Fitness iPhone Review for Macworld

February 4, 2009


Aqua Eagle describes Absolute Fitness as a “fitness diary,” which paints a very accurate picture of what the iPhone and iPod touch app delivers. With an extensive database of food types and nutritional items along with a large variety of exercise types and styles, Absolute Fitness will allow you to track you nutritional intake and […]

CartoonizeMe iPhone Review for Macworld

February 2, 2009


If doodling horns, glasses and scars on pictures of politicians in the Sunday paper is your idea of fun then Cartoonizeme from Portegno Apps would be a valuable addition to your iPhone or iPod touch. This slick little app allows you to add cartoonish effects to pictures of friends and relatives until your cheeks hurt […]

What does customer service cost a retailer?

January 7, 2009


Having made it through the holidays and after buying untold amounts of goodies I am amazed at the short-sightedness of individuals and organizations in a recessive economy where every dollar earned counts. Customer service should always be important and most companies should make it their number one priority because a lack of it can cost […]

A simple letter to find an Ad Agency.com

December 23, 2008


A few of my posts have focused on the process clients go through in writing RFPs pr selecting a webdesign agency. Over at “The Ad Contrarian” there is a simplistic letter for selecting an Ad Agency. Here is a link to the full article. For discussion purposes I’ve copied the body  of the letter here. […]

The 5 second rule of webdesign

December 15, 2008


First impressions are lasting. What messages is your site delivering and what is being retained in those crucial moments? Captivating your web audience and making that first crucial impression is The most important factor when a user has the option to hit their back button and visit your competition. Each page should have a clear […]

Does branding drive business success?

December 10, 2008


Over at brandingmatters.net, Jason VanLue has written an article which is titled “3 Misconceptions About Branding for Small Business”. I don’t agree with his points and I’m going to give my perspective on his first one here. “Remember, consumers don’t make decisions based on specific products or services like they did 50 – 60 years […]